Everyday Luxury without the pretentiousness.

Anyone that has stepped through our doors can tell you that we are not your typical flower shop. Rock music, laid back attitudes and whimsical decor give our shop a unique environment for our designers to create to their full potential. Charmed Flowers opened it's doors to Waterloo in 2013 bringing lush and whimsical arrangements with a distinct edge to the Kitchener Waterloo area.

Founded on the concept of Everyday Luxury; at Charmed our smallest arrangements contain the same premium blooms as our large ones. We strive to bring the highest quality blooms and curated gifts to your finger tips through our online store. Although we work around luxury our unpretentious attitudes put our customers at ease, found in the various quirky items/display throughout our store.

About our owner: Charmed's owner and head designer has been in the retail floral business for over eleven years. You won’t find her posing for pretty head shots, but rather with her hands dirty and designing. Her philosophy is to merely be the vehicle for one of the Earth’s greatest gifts, flowers. Her drive brings a constant changing gift selection to Charmed as she is always looking for new ways to help you celebrate. Rather than talk about her achievements and credentials she would rather have us say that: She describes herself as an unapologetic romantic that finds romance and beauty is all aspects of her business.

About our designs: You may have noticed we have a disclaimer below each arrangement description, This is really just to let you know that some shades/blooms may be a little different. We take pride in our arrangements being 90%-100% the same as our pictures. At Charmed we feel that there is a real problem in the floral industry when it comes to delivering on promises. As a consumer you should know what you are getting.  All of the pictures on our website were photographed and created by us, not a third party unlike other shops. We release a collection four times a year so that our arrangements reflect what is seasonally available. We update our online stock everyday to ensure you are seeing what can currently be made. However, if something slips through the cracks, and we feel that we cannot recreate a picture on our website we will contact you to let you know.  Occasionally approaching the weekend our stock gets low from a busy week and we can't restock due to suppliers hours. During these times you will see an announcement bar at the top of the page. At these times we like to leave items in stock so you can order for the following week when things are back! We want nothing more than for you to enjoy your Charmed experience and not worry about the process. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our store and bringing joy to your special occasions.   


Waterloo Florist