Waterloo Florist


Anyone that has stepped through our doors can tell you that we are not your typical flower shop. Rock music, laid back attitudes and whimsical decor give our shop a unique environment for our designers to create to their full potential. Charmed Flowers opened it's doors to Waterloo in 2013 bringing lush and whimsical arrangements with a distinct edge to the area.

At Charmed we focus on flowers. All of our blooms are premium quality and guaranteed to last. Some of our premium roses dwarf and average rose by a factor of two. When it comes to designing we let our blooms speak for themselves. Our designs are free of extra adornment and funky elements. Color, scent and texture are the elements that make up our designs.

Charmed's owner and head designer has been in the industry for nine years. Her work has been featured in numerous bridal publications. She is a generator of creative ideas, juggler, adapter and an artistic free spirit. Her down to earth nature and youthful energy connects her to Brides and customers in a unique and enduring way.  Her relentless drive and skilled eye has brought a well curated and hip gift selection to add to your buying experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our store and bringing joy to your special occasions.