Convocation June 10th-15th

UPDATE FRIDAY THE 14Th 11AM: Due to the large volume of pre-orders we are no longer able to take custom orders for the 14th or 15th. We currently still have pre-made bouquets, but it is best to call ahead and ask if we do.

Thank you for a wondeful grad week!

-If you want a custom bouquet you must pre-order.

-We will have some pre-made bouquets ready to go this week ranging from $40-$65.

Unfortunately we will not have time to make you a custom bouquet on the spot.

-Pre-orders must be made at least two hours in advance of when they will be picked up.

-Bouquets will be wet wrapped but must go into water within 5 hours of leaving the store and should never be left in a hot car. It is not a good idea to buy/pick up your bouquet the day before.

-See some of our options for pre-ordering here.