Enduring Love Mini Bouquet

Enduring Love Mini Bouquet


This novel mini bouquet contains a single Enduring Love Rose and dried flowers. Intended to be left in its wrapping.

Enduring Love Roses by Charmed are a specialty preserved rose. These roses, with correct care, will maintain their color for at least one year. They will maintain their shape for up to 5-10 years but the color will fade. We have sourced the best Ecuadorian roses preserved using a Parisian technique. Enduring Love Roses are meant to symbolize the permanence of your special love.

Enduring Love roses require no water and need to be kept away from sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. Each Enduring Love arrangement is made with care, the roses cannot be removed from the container. Care instructions are included. Looking for Canada-Wide shipping? Go to www.enduringloveroses.com

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