The Sweet Suprise Bouquet with Specialty Wrapping

The Sweet Suprise Bouquet with Specialty Wrapping

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New to Charmed: Korean style wrapping for when presentation is important.

This bouquet features red roses and pink seasonal flowers with layers of grey and white wrapping. Finished with satin ribbons.

This style can not be made on the spot and must be pre-ordered.

Petite is pictured

Please note this style of bouquet requires the recipient to arrange the flower themselves, unlike our other round bouquets.

All arrangements are made and photographed by us in store. This is not a third party site, however orders may not be identical to the arrangements pictured. We work with what is seasonally available and/or fresh from the market daily, therefore colors and flowers will vary. The images are meant to convey style and feel, however we do our best to recreate the exact arrangement.

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