Pyrrah Jewerly

Pyrrah Jewerly

from 99.00

We are happy to welcome Pyrrah Jewerly to our collection of unique and beautiful things. These necklaces and bracelets each carry a unique meaning and range from $120-$185. We are not permitted to sell them through our website so please drop by or order over the phone. 

Silver and Bronze

Heart Print:

This talisman reads 'Vous Y Etes Empreinte' in French, meaning 'You are Imprinted on my Heart'. This references the eternal nature of love, while the heart represents sincerity and devotion.


This talisman reads 'Olim' in Latin, which means 'Once'. The skull, a classic memento mori, is a reminder that life is fleeting.

Love Moves the World:

This talisman reads 'Je Le Bouge' in French, which means 'I Move It'. The image of a cherub moving the Earth represents the unstoppable power of love.

Many more styles and symbols in store such as: Never Settle, Begin Again, Butterfly, Tree of Life and many more. 

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