Rocking Vibe Equilibrium Necklace

Rocking Vibe Equilibrium Necklace


EQUILIBRIUM is a diffuser necklace and your secret code – a key that unlocks the moment’s potential. The elegant porous lava or pumice bead is an aromatic carrier of essential oils here to balance and ground you during the perfect storm. Empower yourself from within at the times you need it most. When you wear EQUILIBRIUM, you adorn your inner sunlight and dance to the beat of the thunder.

A raw white pumice or black lava diffuser bead is suspended by our most delicate 15 inch 1.2mm in diameter chain with a 2 inch extender, perfect for layering or a minimal look.

To use lay the necklace on a flat safe surface, apply 1 drop of pure essential oil of your choice to the bead and let it sit for 1 min before wearing. You can reapply the oil of your choice daily and change it up. 

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