Flunkie in a Flower Shop - By Jacki

I am visiting my daughter and found working in her flower shop was not at all what I expected.

My thoughts on arranging flowers was simply cutting off a chunk of each stem (so they could drink) and trying to make them look good in a vase (not an easy task for me – one side always looked bad).

So watching my daughter, the designer, work her magic with flowers and greenery, with seemingly little effort always takes my breath away. I am quite happy to be delegated to sweeping, dusting an filling vases half full of water for the finished creations. Although last time I visited I had to make a bouquet – which kinda terrified me. But was told that everyone that “works” for her has to do one. I persevered a came up with a passable bouquet using that week's leftover roses to be donated to one of the local retirement homes.

Preparation for a wedding order finds me very busy. From the moment the flowers arrive, to stripping the flowers, filling buckets with water and placing all the different items in them (and believe me for a wedding there are plenty!) to preparing containers for the centerpieces, the work never ends. But finally everything is ready and we go to the venue for the “setup”. It's a good feeling to have everything done and know the bride is going to be thrilled with all the beautiful flowers. I am tired but hey – she did take me on a 3 day all expense paid to New York City – and we had such a blast!