My Wedding in Tuscany

Last June I said "I do" in one of the most romantic countries on Earth.

No, we don't have family there. No, we had never been there before. I get asked those two things all the time. So why did I chose to elope in Italy? I don't have a simple...

Gifts for Teachers 2017

It's that time of year. What do I get their teachers???

Don't worry, we have got some great suggestions for you. In a sea of gift cards and chocolates our.....

Haley Zaharia
New Products for Spring 2017

Spring is such an exciting time here at Charmed. While Waterloo defrosts we fill our flower shop with the colors and scents of spring. This spring we have some exciting new lines to share with you and....

Haley Zaharia
Indiana, My Valentine

If you have visited our shop in Waterloo lately you may have noticed a curious fluff-ball watching you. His name is Indiana and he has been working the 9-5 grind at the flower shop since September. Indy is still in training so I have...

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Rocking Vibe Jewelry

ewind to a few weeks ago. I was at a friends house and noticed something sparkly on her side table. To which I exclaimed "WHAT IS THAT?". It's not very often I have such a visceral reaction to an object....but when I do the I know I need to share it with my customers.