Valentine's Day 2019 Gift Guide

Struggling with your gift choice this Valentine’s Day? We had a few of our Instagram followers tell us about what they would like to help you out! Check out their age and likes to help you make your gift decisions. We deliver to the Kitchener Waterloo region and our store is located in Uptown Waterloo if you prefer to pick up.
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Age: 29

Listens to Beyonce and describes her style as “unique, not classic romantic”

Her dream Valentine’s Gift: Garden Love or Heart of Gold Bundle


Age: 28

Listens to indie folk and describes her style as “modern chic”

Her dream Valentine’s Gift: Le Jardinier or True Love Bud Vase



Listens to pop and describes her style as “vintage casual”

Her dream Valentine’s Gift: The Love Letters Arrangement (look at those stamps!), Enduring love heart, and the key to my heart! 



Listens to country and top 40 and describes her style as “Modern Chic with a rustic flare (is that even a thing?)  Clean lines and open spaces.”

Her dream Valentine’s Day Gift: Hugs and Kisses and Rustic Love Bundle



Listens to top 40 and describes her style as clean yet earthy.

Her dream Valentine’s Day Gift: Heart Shaped Succulent Bundle. I love plants and the packing takes this up a notch in my eyes!



Listens to everything! Describes her style as modern(loves Aritzia)

Her dream Valentine’s Day Gift: Burning Love Candle with Flowers and Chocolate Bud Vase and Card Chocolate bar.

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