Do you own a business? Consider Contra in your local neighborhood

At Charmed we have successfully partnered with a few local businesses through contra accounts. When I first opened and suggested it to a few other business owners I was met with blank stares. However during my time working for small shops in Edmonton it seemed to be common practice.

So what is contra? As a business term: A contra deal is where a business will exchange their own goods and services for the goods and services of another, usually without the exchange of money. For example: A restaurant would like weekly flowers for their entrance way at a price point of $50, they pay the florist in a $50 credit of gift certificate to their restaurant.

How does this benefit the businesses involved? By doing an at retail value trade they are essentially receiving services outside of their business realm at cost(what they pay to provide their services). It also creates strong relationships and often a marketing effect as both parties will speak highly of the other. Beyond that, it keeps money in our community and helps to promote the business culture in a given area.

Interest in partnering with us? Shoot us an email! We would be happy to consider your services in exchange for ours!

flowersHaley Zaharia