Why Should I Order Early For Valentine's Day?

Oh boy, I could go on for pages and pages on this subject. Let me summarize the dilemma I am faced with every year. 

Our customers come to us for our unique products and curated collections, and we love having them here for you! Valentine's Day, however, is a huge guessing game for a small business...especially a flower shop as we deal in perishables. We place our orders months before we know how busy we will be. So...although I would love to have that heart shaped arrangement in stock for you, if demand was high I might not come the 14th, or even the 10th. As a growing business I always try to order a little more than I think I need, but again, it's one big guessing game! 

Ordering ahead means your Valentine will get the exact pretty thing she had been admiring on our Instagram feed. If that satisfaction is not enough, I always make a note of the first 20 orders and try to include something special. I love my customers and especially my regulars. 

Fair warning! Below are the products we think are going to sell fast this year! So order now and don't forget about free shipping for deliveries scheduled on the 13th-14th over $100 with code VDAYSHIP

Visit our Waterloo flower shop! Don’t forget we deliver our flowers and gifts to the Kitchener Waterloo region!