Wedding Flower Prices

Ever wonder why you can't find a ton of information about wedding flower prices on the internet? Why there aren't simple packages to choose from like photographer provides?

The simple answer is that wedding flowers are a complex business for a florist. Some weddings have 3 Bridesmaids some have 6. Some Brides want pew markers, some don't etc. Beyond the basic list of items needed there is the logistical problem of the 5-12 varieties of flowers a Bride wants and what their price will be for her date. This is why most florists insist on quoting by consultation only. We need to understand the Bride's vision and we need her to understand what is possible based on her date. 

I'm not going to leave you hanging there though! Here is a list of typical price ranges for items you may be looking for. 

Bridal $125-$305

Bridesmaids $65-$98 per

Flower Girls $25-$65 per

Boutonnieres $14-$18 per

Corsages $22-$33 per

Pew Markers $12-$55 per

Altar Arrangements $155-$400 per

Arbor Arrangements $200-$1500

Low Centerpieces $40-$125 per

Tall Centerpieces $140-$500 per

Cake Flowers $20-$70

Greenery Garlands $18-$45 per foot

Flower and Greenery Garlands $34-$110 per foot

Delivery starts at $40

Set-up starts at $100

Consultations/ordering for DIY Brides $200(includes advice and recommendations, stem counts etc)

So, how do you get the best value for your money? Great question. The answer you're going to find in a lot of magazines and blogs is "only ask for flowers that are in season". That is true to some degree, however, if something is in high demand it can drive the price up. For example that peach colored dahlia you asked your florist for in August may be twice the price of other colors even though it's in season because a lot of other Brides have asked for it. 

The BEST thing you can do is find a florist you trust and give them some creative freedom. Bring a few inspiration pictures to your consult and say "I want it to have this feel, but it can be achieved however you feel is best". On your quote I would write "picture on file, creative freedom granted". Brides that do this come around 15-20% below the cost of my other quotes. The reason for this is I don't have to consider that I may be paying twice the price for the specific peony a Bride has requested etc.

Below are some images from a Bride that did just as I advised. She was one of my happiest Brides to date!

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Why have we set a minimum amount for wedding orders? As our business has grown we have had to learn to focus on our strengths. Charmed runs mostly on one designer. She handles all of the meetings, proposals, ordering, trouble shooting, recipe making and floral production. Beyond that we have a very busy day to day business. We could hire more designers, but in the owner’s experience things get lost in terms of design vision when many people are involved. Setting this minimum is a business decision to help account for all the time that goes into the wedding process. This time does not go down with a $500 wedding as compared to a $3000. We are grateful for every opportunity that comes our way, however we are limited in ones that we can accept.