Five Years of Charmed

Five years may not sound like a big milestone but you may be surprised to hear that half of all small businesses have failed by the five year mark. Along with the challenges of a new business we have also had a front row seat as the Uptown core was ripped apart for improvements. Traffic has been halted and people have been avoiding Uptown like the plague. We are so proud to say that we have not just survived but experienced growth during the past three years of construction. As the roads open up we are so excited to welcome everyone back to Uptown Waterloo. The years  have made us more focused and polished to better serve you. We hope that you can join us December 7th from 4-7pm to celebrate our anniversary with discounts, small bites and prizes. With the core opening back up it is sure to be a magical time to be walking around Uptown Waterloo. 

As our five year anniversary approaches I have been reflecting on the journey I have been on with my business. I dreaded shooting this promotional video as I find it very difficult to talk about my business. Don't get me wrong, flowers, plants, logistics, gifts, numbers...I can talk about all that for days. However, talking about the business as a whole feels like I am speaking about myself, which I eagerly avoid. It really is that personal. Charmed is an extension of me. I am so grateful to be a part of this community and to help you spread your love, condolences, joy and to build and strengthen your relationships with each other through our curated arrangements and gifts. 

Thank you for making me and Charmed a part of your special moments.