New at Charmed Pyrrha Jewelry

We are excited to share our newest line with you: Pyrrah Jewelry. This meaningful handcrafted line is made in Vancouver, BC. Seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jenifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Harrison Ford to name a few. Each talisman holds a special meaning and serve as a constant reminder to those who wear them

Here are just a few of the pieces that will be arriving at the end of this month! If there is special meaning you are looking for then please let know and we can special order one in for you!

Real Love_Bronze.jpg

Real Love

Inscribed on this talisman is the phrase 'Heart Exchanged - Not Sold', a reminder that while love may be reciprocated, it cannot be bought or sold.


Heart of the Wolf

This talisman features a wolf, a feared and misunderstood creature of high intelligence.

What Once Was_Silver.jpg

What Once Was

This talisman reads 'Olim' in Latin, which means 'Once'. The skull, a classic memento mori, is a reminder that life is fleeting.