Indiana, My Valentine

If you have visited our shop in Waterloo lately you may have noticed a curious fluff-ball watching you. His name is Indiana and he has been working the 9-5 grind at the flower shop since September. Indy is still in training so I have been asking most of you to ignore him as part of his development. He needs to learn that people coming and going is not an exciting thing, both for his benefit and my sanity. I know Indy already has a lot of fans so here's a little bit about him.

Name: Indiana(Indy). This is a circular reference to Indiana Jones who was named after his fathers favorite dog. 

Breed: Double Doodle

Weight: 26 pounds

Age: He will be eight months old in a few weeks. At this stage in his development he is learning to bark. People are so taken with him that they will just stand and stare.....which to a dog means "I challenge you". This is leading to some excited barking.

Favorite Food: Apple carrot muffins.

Favorite Game: Keep away.

Dislikes: When squirrels don't want to be his friend and the broom.

Quirks: Indy can open most doors - He hides his nose when he is frustrated - Indy will get in my lap if I sit on the floor no matter the situation, this has been a challenge as he's now full grown. 

He is a good natured and low maintenance guy and I love having here with me(most of the time). 

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